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Continue syncing notes across devices for free with these Evernote alternatives

Posted on Jul 13, 2016.

Evernote has recently announced that they’re to be raising the cost of their subscription charges, as well as this their existing 100 million plus free account members will have to make do with syncing their notes across just two devices, this is instead of the previous unlimited number that free account could sync with.

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If you’re looking to switch as you don’t want to pay more then there is no one perfect replacement for all cases, the choice really comes down to your usage needs. Here are three note taking applications that may be worth considering as they cover a range of possible user needs.:

Microsoft OneNote

Power users who need all the features that Evernote has to offer will be pleased with the functionality of OneNote. Some features available are clipping content from Web pages, attaching PDFs to notes, drawing (good for touchscreen laptop) and table based layout tools.

OneNote is a free note taking app that is packed with flexible features to suit your style no matter what your needs. A great feature of OneNote is that it is very easy to organise your notes and retrieve them easily too.

A possible downside to OneNote is its user interface. it’s not a that it is a poor user experience but as Evernote is geared towards offering a light feel so the feature-rich interface of OneNote may seem excessive for OneNote users who are just looking to jot quick notes.

Works for - Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and on the web

Google Keep

If OneNote is to feature rich in its interface then Google Keep with its simplicity may be a better option. This is an app that will let you capture your thoughts quickly and pick up where you left off on another device. Features for Google Keep allow users to write notes and lists, write by hand (device dependant), record voice memos, and capture images. There is less of a focus on organising and formatting content so features here are minimalist which as a plus will be east to familiarise with.

Google Keep is lacking in two areas that Evernote users are likely to be accustomed to. The first of the is the lack a notebook system with Google Keep which is fairly useful in the Evernote system. The second is the absence of a desktop app meaning everything must be completed through the browser.

Works for - Android, iOS, on the web, and in Chrome


If many of your notes ultimately end up on the web then SimpleNote - made by Automattic - the creators of WordPress - is worth a try. This absolutely no frills setup for taking notes will let you save and sync text across devices and if you do want to see some formatting then MarkDown is supported. When creating notes in Wordpress Simple Note will let you publish straight to the web which is great considering there is no formatting getting in the way.

When it comes to organising and searching for your notes you have a filing and tag system for the task. Simple Note is another free application with no usage limits.

Works for- Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Kindle Fire, iOS, and on the web

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