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Tesco Kills off the Hudl

Posted on Oct 22, 2015.

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The Hudl is no longer being produced, Tesco has announced today.

When asked last week about the Hudl, Tesco confirmed they had no current plans for a third generation device. However they did say they would continue to sell the Hudl2. that has all changed though, and pretty quickly too.


Tesco pull hudle

Tesco made a statement today, in which they say they will no longer be selling the Hudl, either online or in stores. However they stress they will continue to offer support to everyone who has purchased one.

"We have sold out of Hudl2 tablets and will no longer be selling it in our stores or online. We would like to assure customers that we will continue to provide technical support and help to all of our customers who have purchased a Hudl.”

What Tesco have done is in line with its streamlining of its services and its concentration on its core grocery business. Tesco have either sold or closed its streaming services and e-book store. Which would make it even harder to sell its low-cost tablet in an already difficult market. 

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