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The first pinhole camera to be released by Huawei - it's the future

Posted on Dec 04, 2018.

The past few weeks have seen mobile phone company, Huawei, teasing at their most recent tech development. Teaser photos leaked, hinting to their newest phone, the Huawei Nova 4, sporting a pinhole camera. A pinhole camera is essentially what it sounds like, a circular cut-out for a camera directly in the screen. 

The teasers released by Huawei haven’t exactly been subtle, so this leak/announcement has not come as too much of a surprise to the tech community. The most recent development has been made by Huawei themselves, with them releasing a photo of their newest phone model, the Nova 4, along with the official release date, 17th December 2018.

The first leak of the Nova 4 allegedly happened during a livestream for Chinese singer, Jackson Yee’s, 18th Birthday. Since then, there have been numerous news stories covering Huawei’s newest device that has been alluding to having a pinhole camera for some weeks now.

However, Huawei is not the only one to be releasing a mobile device with a pinhole camera. Samsung has also released numerous new ideas/ventures, including their “Infinity-0” display with an extremely similar pinhole design to Huawei’s Nova 4. People believe that 2019 is going to be the year of the pinhole camera for mobile devices, but it still seems that Huawei is going to be the first company to actually release a device with a pinhole camera well before the end of the year.

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