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The One Network Signs MNVO deal with 3G

Posted on Apr 06, 2011.

The One Network, part of The One point Limited, have entered into a 3G MNVO (Mobile Virtual Network Operating Agreement - similar to that of Tesco and Virgin) agreement with the 3G network.  This agreement, with the largest mobile data network, allows The One Network to cleverly integrate with fixed line and hosted PBX operators to offer a 'fixed line number to mobile SIM' solution for the very first time.

Martin Lauer, Managing director of The One Point said; "This is a real game changer.  To give customer the flexibility to carry a genuine landline number in their pocket tips the industry upside down.  Calls to a mobile will be landline rate instead of 16-12p per minute."

Essentially, instead opf provisioning an 07 mobile number to a SIM card The One Network allow you to choose and provision from 12 million fixed line geographic numbers giving you a 'fixed presence solution' to your mobile phone, router, tablets or telephone system.



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