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The One Point are a Marketing Humber Major Partner

Posted on Apr 07, 2020.

The One Point are now a proud Major Partner of Marketing Humber.

Marketing Humber (delivered by Bondholders) operates as the region's economic place marketing company to attract investment and support local businesses to grow. They act as a catalyst to build an ambitious economic plan to create a sustainable future.

They create inspirational marketing material and tell compelling stories about the opportunities here, to celebrate the success of our ambassador businesses and showcase what is on offer in the Humber.

Their mission is to bring Bondholder businesses and key partners together to strengthen and unify the Humber's voice to external audiences promoting the area as a great place to live, work, study, invest and visit.

We are delighted to be a Major Partner of Marketing Humber, being able to play a key part in developing the Humber's positive profile and helping to shape the long-term future of the region is extremely important to us.

As a Major Partner, we are also very excitied to be participating in mobilising 'The Waterline' Campaign and connecting with work of 'The Waterline' Think Tank.

"Marketing Humber partnered with the University of Hull to launch an ambitious campaign 'The Waterline'. This partnership combining industry, academic expertise and R&D activity, is uniquely well-placed to support the delivery of this campaign which underpins projects and economic models that demonstrate how decarbonisation can deliver both environmental sustainability and economic growth."

"Collectively both parties can act as a catalyst to bring thought leaders together through the international campaign; The Waterline. The Waterline will position the Humber as a global demonstrator tackling the challenges of climate change and build upon the assets and advantages, the skills and capabilities we have here in the region."

Martin Lauer, Managing Director of The One Point, said:

"Becoming a Major Partner of Marketing Humber means a great deal to me personally, and to The One Point. We are extremely proud of our heritage and Yorkshire roots and passionate about collaborating with some of the Humber's most dynamic and influential businesses, to show that the Humber region is the place to be. The Waterline Campaign is a huge topic of conversation in our region - it will be life-changing for the Humber and the UK - being a Marketing Humber Major Partner gives us the opportunity to be involved with this."

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