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The One Point are now a distributor for Panasonic Camera Manager

Posted on Nov 10, 2016.

Panasonic Camera Management helps keep your business safe with a cloud-based video surveillance solution. The One Point has now become a distributor for Panasonic Camera Manager offering a range of Panasonic camera products to meet your needs.

Bryn Abbot, our IT Solutions Account Manager introduced this opportunity as a chance to enhance our security solutions with a product that is among the most advanced and cost-effective on the market.

When asked about the benefits of Panasonic Camera Management Bryn Said, “We can now offer a fully hosted coud-based video surveillance solution with Panasonic. This multiplatform smart service is scalable, multiplatform and fully supported with the ability to live stream and play back recordings anytime and from any device. All this plus more and with no upfront installation fee".

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What makes Panasonic Camera Manager special?

Open platform - Thanks to the open platform Panasonic Cameramanager is compatible with a wide variety of hardware and software.Panasonic Cameramanager 10 years of intensive cloud experience.

Smart analytics - Smart video analytics in the cloud. CLVR only sends alerts when a human or an object is detected.

Scalable - All data is stored in the cloud. This makes it easily scalable and new locations or cameras are added in minutes without big investments needed.

Frequent update cycles - Panasonic Camera Manager works with two-week development cycles making sure the service is always up to date.

10 years experience - Panasonic Camera Manager 10 years of intensive cloud experience.

Key Features of Panasonic Camera Manager

Key features of Panasonic Camera Manager include a plug and play setup so you can forget about complex manuals as with a WiFi signal and the appropriate version of the app for your device you can be set up quickly and easily.

Once set up you can schedule your surveillance and synchronise your cameras while automatically storing your recordings in the cloud. All this leaves you free to look in and play back recordings from whenever, wherever and with the peace of mind that you always know what is going on.

Panasonic Camera Manager products currently available at The One Point include:

1.3 Megapixel 720p Weatherproof Camera Equipped with IR LED

1.3 Megapixel 720p Weatherproof Dome Camera Equipped with IR LED

1 Megapixel HD Cube Network Camera

Panasonic Camera manager

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