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The One Point Digital attends Laracon 2019

Posted on Mar 08, 2019.

This year's annual Laravel conference, 'Laracon 2019' ,was attended by two of our development team. Software Architect, Dan Sherwood, and Senior Software Architect, David Carr.

They were able to attend the online worldwide conference, bringing together industry professionals regardless of location, to share ideas and learn from top industry experts about the bleeding edge of new developments in code. 


Throughout the day they both picked up lots of useful info and today we asked Dan if he discovered any exciting new techniques that might find their way into The One Point Digital CRM products.

Dan told us a talk about MySQL having native functions for querying coordinates and manipulating them was interesting, as this could lead to 

allow for interactions with a users location and tailor your services towards each individual.

David added: “We attended an in-depth look at how code can be reduced and made clearer, which ultimately makes applications run faster and be easier to maintain.

We looked over event sourcing, which is a way to get multiple systems to share events, this translates to being able to decouple applications but still allows them to share information.

We looked over the ins-and-outs of using Blockchain at a top-level overview. Another interesting talk was looking over an existing design and techniques that can be applied to drastically improve the look with only a few cosmetic changes.

Lastly, a talk on the latest developments on Laravel, our framework of choice, where we found some really nice improvements had been made which ties in nicely with refactoring our code base to run faster with less code.”

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