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The One Point gets tough on Toll Fraudsters

Posted on Apr 12, 2017.

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The One Point have decided to get tough on Toll Fraudsters by introducing a Toll Fraud Guarantee.

Managing Director Martin Lauer announced his 100% Guarantee earlier this week. Simply put any customer of The One Point utilising its Hosted VoIP Platform will now receive a 100% Guarantee against any costs incurred as a result of Dial Through Fraud or Toll Fraud. Martin said “Industry figures show that this is a multi-million-pound problem – and we hear of this problem costing local businesses thousands of pounds on a weekly basis. Our guarantee should give local businesses great comfort about dial through fraud.”

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The One Network, The One Point’s fast growing and feature rich VoIP platform, also protects businesses against employees running up big bills through its intelligent call monitoring software that blocks types of calls, costs of calls and sets daily call spend limits.

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