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The One Point hails NFC as a Major Game Changer

Posted on Jun 07, 2016.

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The One Point has made a major investment in near field communication (NFC) as the technology has huge b2b potential. Our MD Martin Lauer recently spoke with Mobile Today an industry mobile magazine and shared his views on NFC technology.

The technology he says is synonymous with the payments industry and sees a significant opportunity to introduce the feature alongside mobile. Everyday uses of NFC are something Martin says customers are familiar with, like London’s Oyster Cards, so selling a similar solution for businesses will be much easier.

The One Point Hails NFC as a Major Game Changer

Speaking with Mobile Today martin says ‘I don’t think people realise just how important NFC is and how mobile is becoming central to every transaction. We’re getting to grips with it and have invested heavily in understanding NFC and the security behind it. Just in the past four weeks we’ve gained 500 new business connections, all of which came from NFC.

‘From a consumer perspective it is understood in terms of mobile payments. If you move that into a business environment, it can be used to prove that you were on site, or used in healthcare to monitor patients and care workers. NFC can link into databases and systems, it’s a game changer but people don’t know it.’


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