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The rise of ransomware

Posted on Nov 15, 2018.

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Security experts have warned that malware, and most worryingly ransomware, are on the rise. With running an organisation, comes an immense worry about your system becoming infected with malware or ransomware. They cause down-time, data loss and possible intellectual property theft; which can ruin a business. The biggest worry is the rate of which ransomware is growing, accord to SonicWall there has been a 117% jump in ransomware since this time last year, compared to only a 44% jump in malware.

Ransomware is a type of malware that uses links or attachments, that once opened, infect an entire organisations system, taking all of its data hostage. Once infected, the attacker demands a ransom to be paid through undetectable crypto-currency. If the ransom is paid, the data is restored, however, the ransom is increased the longer the organisation leave the payment. Ransomware has grown so much that 300,000 new attack variants have been noted between January and October of this year alone.

This shows the importance of cyber security education for all organisations’ staff, as it is encrypted threats that are the hardest to detect by the average web user, and this can destroy an entire data system. Ransomware attacks are not just limited to larger organisations, as businesses of all sizes are ‘fair-game’ for the attackers. SonicWall says that they have experienced 108% more attacks on their web apps this year.

Organisations can take measures to avoid being susceptible to ransomware attacks in numerous ways. System backs ups are essential in the fight against cyber attacks; restoring a recent backup may help in repossessing encrypted files, but this does not always work. Storage Magazine have reported that 34% of companies say they don’t test their backups; resulting in 77% of tape back ups failing when tested.

In order to protect yourself from any sort of malware/ransomware attacks, ensure that all of your staff are educated on the dangers of cyber attacks and what they can do to avoid being the victim of one, as well as having recent back ups available that have been tested and work. At The One Point, all of our staff are Cyber Essentials Certified.

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