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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Posted on Aug 08, 2019.

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O2 Telefonica:

"For once, this really is game-changing. These are devices built from the ground up to be the most capable, flexible, multi-tasking, productivity-boosting business phones ever created. They are phones, computers, pens, professional cameras, design studios and security centres all in one."

The latest 'Phablet' from Samsung has landed and it doesn't disappoint.

It is the first of many of the Note devices to boast an all-screen display. With it's edge-to-edge technology, still called Infinity-O.

Also for the first time (in a long time), Samsung has introduced two new devices at the same time. Not only have they launched the Note 10, but the Note 10 Plus 5G as well!

Naturally, the Note 10 Plus 5G has a much larger display than the Note 10, with a number of other internal upgrades too.

Samsung launched these new devices at their Unpacked event on August 7th in New York.

One of the biggest design changes to note is the punch-hole selfie camera in the top centre of the display. The previous Samsung smartphones had the selfie camera in the top right of the display instead.

The Samsung Note 10 and Note 10 Plus 5G both boast Desktop mobility, mobility in sound and vision, handwritten mobility and secure, long-lasting mobility.

Desktop mobility:

With Samsung DeX1 built-in, the Note 10 simply needs a compatible dock, a keyboard - maybe a monitor, too - and there you have a desktop that can make PCs redundant. 

Handwritten mobility:

The S Pen has taken writing on a screen to a whole new level, feeling as normal as a pen to paper would. Not only this, the pen learns the behaviours of the user when it comes to note-taking, as well as letting you control the smartphone's cameras and drive presentations.

Mobility in sound and vision:

Not just one, not just two, but 3 cameras! With options for both pro-standard photography, video and audio; emphasising on great quality and ease of use.

Secure, long-lasting mobility:

Boasting a hidden personal touch with it's ultrasonic fingerprint scanner built into the screen, as well as the ability to last 30 hours' standby time and fast wireless charging. What more could you want?

O2 5G:

"Our 5G network comes alive in October 2019, in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Slough and Leeds. By the end of the year, we'll be live in 20 towns and cities - rolling out to a total of 50 by Summer 2020."

"The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G comes on a 4G tariff with a 4G sim, because our 5G is yet to be launched. When our 5G becomes available in October, you'll need to switch to a 5G enabled tariff and a 5G sim (keep in mind data allowances and costs may differ). Once you've got that, update the software on your phone and enable 5G - it'll then be able to jump on 5G everywhere there's coverage, and still be able to use 4G/3G/2G whenever it needs."

"That's it. You'll have a better and more reliable connection in extra busy places, plus delay-free downloads and buffer-free streaming. Until then, you'll be able to use your phone even if you're not on 5G. And don't forget, you can always use our data - instead of yours - with more than 15,000 O2 Wi-Fi hotspots."

You can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus 5G worldwide now. Both devices will be available in the UK, US, and Australia from August 23rd.

If you're planning to buy the phone outright, you're looking at paying around £869, $945, AU$1,499.

The One Point Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Blog Post

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specifications:

- Network:4G

- Screen:6.3" dynamic AMOLED

- Power:3500mAh typical. Standby up to 31 hours. Talk time up to 28 hours.

- Cameras:Rear: Triple - 12MP F1.5, 12MP F2.1, 16MP F2.2, Front: 10MP F2.2

- Security:Samsung Knox, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

- Storage:256GB

- Wireless charging:Yes

- Audio:2 x speakers powered by AKG

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G:

- Network:5G ready (4G at launch)

- Screen:6.8" Infinity-O display

- Power:4300mAh typical. Standby up to 35 hours. Talk time up to 31 hours.

- Cameras:Rear: Quad - 12MP F1.5, 12MP F2.1, 16MP F2.2, depth vision lens. Front: 10MP F2.2

- Security:Samsung Knox, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

- Storage:256GB, expandable to 1 TB

- Wireless charging:Yes

- Audio:2 x speakers powered by AKG

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