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TOP fight to be TOP Entrepreneur

Posted on Oct 12, 2011.

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The One Point Team joined other entrepreneurs and business owners in the boardroom at Hesslewood Hall for the first task in this year's Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur contest. Now in its third year, the Apprentice-style competition seeks to unearth some of the region's best business talent while raising funds for Young Enterprise Yorkshire And Humber. This year's competition features 15 teams from businesses and organizations across the region, including some from previous years as well as newcomers. 

Darren Sunley, Director of Telecommunications and Team Leader for The One Point Team said "The One Point are an extremely competitive firm with an entrepreneurial culture, therefore we really want to win.  We have assembled a strong team, hand picked for our growing workforce, giving us flexibility, reliability and 'out of the box thinking'."

David Kilburn, chief executive of MKM Building Supplies and chairman of the Yorkshire and Humber board of Young Enterprise, will once again be putting the teams through their paces as the competition's answer to Alan Sugar. Explaining the first task, which is entitled Grand Designs, Mr Kilburn gave each team £100 and challenged them to use their businesses skills and creativity to turn it into £1,000 by the next boardroom meeting.  He said: "The aim of the task is simple – use the £100 to generate as much money as possible through themed products, services, events, competitions, promotions or other initiatives.

"The task will give you a great opportunity to see what team members are made of and help them develop their skills when it comes to creativity, marketing and sales, time management, networking and negotiating."  The first task in last year's contest took a World Cup theme and raised more than £7,000. Overall, last year's competition raised £23,500 for Young Enterprise Yorkshire And Humber.  Teams will report back to the boardroom on January 11, when any that fail to hit the £1,000 target could end up being fired.  Mr Kilburn warned this year he plans to be even tougher in the boardroom.  He said: "The standard of the teams this year is very high so it is clear I'm going to have to be tougher than in previous years.  "We have called this challenge Grand Designs for a reason – I'm looking for teams to come up with ideas that are extraordinary if they are going to impress me."  Mr "Lord Sugar" Kilburn will be joined in the boardroom by Young Enterprise board member Sam "Karren Brady" Cody and Janet "Nick Hewer" Brumby, Yorkshire and Humber area manager for Young Enterprise.


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