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TOP provide 20 meg broadband to showcase gaming event

Posted on Jan 10, 2012.

The One Point have agreed to provide the much needed connectivity for the regions premier digital gaming event Platform 2012.  The event would not be able to go ahead without a high level of data connectivity being brought in to the Hull University Venue - currently unavailable by any other source.

Darren Sunley, Director of Communications for The One Point said, "The venue will require a massive amount of connectivity to ensure the 24 hour gaming showcase happens.  The One Point have a number of different broadband methods of delivery - this project once again showcases The One Point capabilities."

The Platform Expos are gaming and entertainment events with a difference. The digital sector is dynamic, innovative and fast paced. It provides primary entertainment and communications for millions around the world and at the same time stands out as a sustainable and successful business category. The Platform Expos combine education and business to demonstrate via lectures, seminars and venture capital, how we can work together to build even greater success. The global digital gaming and entertainment industry is one such success story. With global sales in digital gaming alone valued at $70 billion (source BBC News) this industry has the growth trajectory to double over the next five years. In the UK Market the gaming sector has annual sales that are greater than the combined sales of both DVD and Cinema receipts.

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