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TOP through to next round in Entrepreneurs Competition for Young Enterprise

Posted on Jan 12, 2012.

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The One Point have made it through to next round in the 'Who Want's To Be An Entrepreneur' Competition in support of Young Enterprise.  The event is an 'Apprentice-style' competition where companies from throughout the Humber pit their fundraising wits against one another - with David Kilburn of MKM playing the role of Lord Alan Sugar.

In the first stage of the competition each company needed to use £100's seed funding and to raise as much money as possible - with £1000 being the target.  The One Point chose to invest it's £100 into an apprentice scheme where we would use the revenue generate to invest in more apprentices - in turn creating jobs.

Darren Sunley, Director of Communications, said "We are really pleased to get through to the next round AND create jobs - it has been really satisfying.  We may not have produced the most amount of money this time but we are through and that counts - but to create jobs in the process has really made the team feel good."

Names of companies also involved include MKM, NPower, The Business Network, Kingston Works, TATA Steel and Strawberry.  Some companies did unfortunately crash out in the first round due to not hitting the target amount of funds - but still £17k was raised in stage one all together - which is fanatastic.  The biggest individual team effort was £3500.

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