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TOP named 'O2 Developing Business Partner of the Year' - sub 10,000 customers

Posted on Jul 01, 2019.

Last week at the O2 annual 'Partner of the Year 2019' awards, The One Point was named 'O2 Developing Partner of the Year 2019'. The award is available to high performing O2 Direct Partners with under 10,000 customers.

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The One Point stacking up a collection of O2 awards:

Colleting Our O2 Award

The event took place at the Mayfair Hotel in London and awarded various O2 Partners across its direct, distribution and wholesale channels. Winners were measured on factors including customer satisfaction, base net growth and digital sales etc.

Our Managing Director, Martin Lauer, said: "Our team work really hard to drive excellence in service. 'Helpfulness and Responsiveness' are our core values and this formula is working. We are extremely proud - this is the 3rd time we have won this particular award, so we are over the moon!"

O2 Winning awards for best network too

O2 are winning plenty of awards of their own:

Business Assessment

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