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The One Point team get into the festive spirit as 100 boxes are packed for Operation Christmas Child

Posted on Nov 17, 2015.

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Yesterday evening at The One Point the team and their helpers got into the festive spirit as they completed the task of filling 100 shoeboxes with gifts for 50 boys and 50 girls. All this in an effort to help the charity Samaritans Purse to make sure that all children around the world received a gift this christmas.


The team stayed behind after hours and showed real festive spirit by assembling and filling the 100 boxes.  Inside they packed a mix of essentials like soap, wash cloths, tooth brushes and toothpaste as not all children are lucky enough to have access to basics like these as well as fun items like skipping ropes, balls, colouring books and pencils.

The shoe boxes will later be collected by Samaritans Purse who have distributed 124 million of the donated boxes to more than 150 countries since the annual appeal began in 1990. Their belief is that a small shoebox can have a big impact. "What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out of it is eternal".

The Operation Christmas Child appeal has become an annual tradition with The One Point taking part now for the past three years and with each passing year more of the team are keen to get involved in the fun filled event. 


With the sound of christmas music in the air, an an order from Domino’s Pizza on the way, there were smiles all around the office this year and once the boxes were completed the idea of decorating the office ready for the festive season grew popular. it wasn’t long until the tree was standing in the corner and the team got to work hanging tinsel and garlands.

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