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TOP Selected For 4G Roll Out Partnership

Posted on Oct 18, 2012.

The One Point have been selected to assist in the roll out of 4G in the region.  Everything Everywhere, the 4G Brand launching the super-fast mobile data network as the new owener of Orange and T-Mobile, have chosen Hull as one of the 16 cities to be lit up by the announcement.

AS HULL gears up for 4G to be unleashed, one of the city's digital companies has been chosen to take a leading role.The One Point has been chosen as a launch partner to digital communications company EE – the firm that runs the Orange and T-Mobile brands in the UK, and is launching 4G in Hull over the coming weeks.

The One Point will have the task of heading up how the 4G message is communicated and launched within the city.

According to managing director Martin Lauer, 4G is set to be rolled out in Hull before Christmas and he said the business is the only one in the region to have been selected to work with EE on this new technology.

He said: "It is a big thing to be selected for this and it was a really nice surprise for us. We are really excited about 4G.

"Data speeds are going to be unreal and 4G will have a massive impact on people accessing the internet on the move and even in the home."

The launch plan for the roll out of 4G was unveiled last week at Birmingham's NEC.

Mr Lauer said: "We will be the leading business in Hull to let other businesses know how 4G can benefit them."

Mr Lauer said there will be an EE shop launched in St Stephen's shopping centre and his team will be busy spreading the word about the benefits of 4G and helping businesses in Hull gain the information they need.

He said: "If someone wants to know about 4G, we will explain how it works and what coverage is going to be like.

"I think it is no surprise EE chose Hull. The city has a market for it."

EE will be the first brand in the country to offer a mobile 4G service, which is set to see mobile internet at speeds typically five times faster than 3G speeds today.

Mr Lauer said: "The EE message is about speed and can enable people to access their files on the move at record speeds that have never been seen before in the UK.

"4G is a major coup for Hull."

According to EE, the provider will have covered 16 cities across the UK with 4G by Christmas.

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