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The One Point Winners of the Mobile Industry Awards Dealer of the Year 2011

Posted on Jul 17, 2011.

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The dealer category was one marked by diverse but equally worthy business models. Yorkshire dealer The One Point came out tops with the judges thanks to its impressive integrated approach to services, commercial success and media savvy way of publicising itself.

The judges felt that The One Point knew its market. The Hull-based outfit understood the needs of both its customer base and its community and put forward solutions to match them. One judge observed: ‘The company has clearly positioned itself as a one-stop shop for its clients. You can tell they understand that sweet spot in the market and have built brand credibility out of their expertise.’

The company has moved on from 100% mobile sales in 2003 to 60% in 2011 with integrated IT services and support and fixed line sales. The move to all-round support was a smart decision, according to the judges.

‘Converting the existing client base is key and you do that by offering integrated services,’ said one panellist. And with churn at less than 5%, the company must be taking the right approach.

On top of that, The One Point showed a very forward-thinking approach to expanding its client base through media advertising. Numerous websites attract a lot of traffic back to the business, and websites for clients such as Hull Kingston Rovers FC bring self-advertising into the deal. The judges felt this was a great way to bring in potential new business as well as align the company with other brands.

Overall, The One Point showed a tight business model, insight into its market and foresight in how it uses publicity to generate interest, all of which struck a chord with the judging panel.

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