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The One Point's Development Team discover new features when trying iOS 10 beta

Posted on Jul 11, 2016.

This autumn will bring the release of iOS 10 - Apple's most up-to-date mobile and tablet OS. This release of iOS 10 follows last week's release of the iOS 10 beta, something our development team have already got their hands on. As well as making our small contribution by submitting bug reports to the Apple development team, we have also had a chance to see what new features will be available in this update.

Right from picking up the phone we found the following interesting features:

Lock Screen & Notifications

You will no longer need to press the side button to see the display screen light up, raising your screen will now activate this feature.

Get easy access to the camera with a swipe left or widgets with a swipe right. Notifications are now appearing on the screen in an easier to see style. Speaking of notifications, these have received a whole new look with this update and have added functionality built in too. No longer will you need to open up the messages app to reply to a text as this can now be done right from the notifications display with a long tap incorporating 3D touch with just a tap of the X on the right-hand corner to clear all notifications.

Delete Apps

At last the default apps that come with iOS can now be deleted, most of the default apps like stocks and maps that come with the phone can now be removed from your home screen altogether but traces of the app will still remain on your phone. If you find yourself using an app that depends on an app that you have previously deleted then you will be prompted to re-download it again.

 iOS 10 beta notifications


Rediscover images long forgotten as they are now presented as memories, grouped together telling a story of their own. When adding one of these images as an attachment to a message these will now come with an optional caption tagged onto the message. 


The messenger app sees several new richer ways to express yourself over messenger. With a long press on a message you can easily react to a message with a heart, thumbs up or thumbs down, question marks and more. It’s even possible to add a photo or animated gif in there too. Emoji will be making a bigger impact on messaging. Replace keywords in your message with its equivalent Emoji. This puts the user in control by highlighting replaceable words and offering a list of options the user may want to select. Furthermore, Emoji is now going to get predictive with the iPhone suggesting Emoji as you type.

Digital Touch & Handwriting

Apple watch is no longer the only place where digital touch can allow you to draw and send your drawings to a friend, draw out anything right from messenger with a tap and if you turn your iPhone to landscape mode when using messenger you can write out a message with your fingertip using landscape mode, to send just turn it back to portrait. Again these add more ways to give add personal touch to your messages.


The new look maps now offer easy access to recent searches and the destinations you visit the most. Also, you can quickly see what direction options you have when you're driving, walking or taking public transports when you select your destination.

There is a possibility Uber users - in areas where the Uber service is available - will be able to book a taxi from the maps app too. Something that may be possible in the near future.

iOS 10 Maps


A major design overhaul is coming to Apple Music with the latest update. The intention is to simplify the experience of using the app making it easier to navigate to your downloads and to discover new music. Meanwhile, older features like Apple Music Connect have been buried perhaps with the intention of letting this die altogether.

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