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TOPTV Goes World Record Breaking with the Holiday Inn

Posted on Feb 01, 2013.

In January 2012 the Intercontinental Hotels Group (UK) decided to invent a world record to encourage team building at a local and national level. The record in question: the most pillowcases stuffed in one minute at multiple venues. Holiday Inn, Hull Marina took part and furiously stuffed their way into the Guinness World Record books!

One year later, the IHG (UK) decided to beat their own record and The One Point were invited to adjudicate the record attempt in the form of filming, and its head of television, Darren Edwards, to act as an independent witness/pillow counter.

Also acting as independent witness/pillow counter was Andy Barber, Charity Manager of The One Point-sponsored HEY Smile Foundation. 


After a 30-minute inspirational build-up courtesy of films supplied by the IHG UK featuring, amongst others, clips from last year's Olympics, at exactly 14:15 GMT, an equally furious pillow-stuffing 60 seconds ensued.

A hundred-and-thirty-two white pillowcases were successfully stuffed and we now await with bated breath to find out if Hull Marina's Holiday Inn staff have been successful or not.

Footage from the event will feature on the forthcoming TOPTV channel.


Holiday Inn smashed the record and did 12,280 pillows. They did 9953 last year.

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