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Stay Protected With Two-Factor Authentication When Employees Bring Their Own Devices To Work

Posted on Apr 29, 2016.

Employees are increasingly using their own devices for work rather that using company-issued tools. the advantages are that it is cost-effective and convenient. This trend known as BOYD for ‘bring your own device’ has changed the IT Industry as consumer driven technology introduces multiple unstandardised and potentially unsecured personal devices into the workplace.

Businesses are now left with the challenge of identifying these new potential threats and how these can be overcome. The work environment is becoming a perimeter-less environment and this is causing older security solutions to fall by the wayside. A solution is a two-factor security providing two levels of security an example is where a code is sent to the user provided device before access to sensitive businesses networks is permitted.

two factor authentication

What kinds of threats exist that two-factor security could protect against?

Singular Passwords - Users often recycle passwords across multiple accounts. Two-factor authentication removes reliance on good user behaviour and the strength of the devices password.

Open Wifi - Having this username and password stolen is the primary risks when hackers are able to access the employees network over wifi. A separate channel to identify the user with a modern and out-of-band two-factor authentication solution this need not be a concern.

Cloud Storage - An employee uploading sensitive company data to their personal cloud storage account could be a gold mine find for hackers as security if any may be significantly weaker than that of the companies storage solution. Best Practices already suggest robust authentication to access to this data.

Malware threats - Employees can still download credible looking email on their own device that has a potential to cause harm. Two-factor authentication can prevent damage spreading across the company network.

Two-factor authentication is a basic security technology that can help you stay protected when employees use their own devices and apps and it’s a pretty good deal considering the threats it can help avoid.

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