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New browser updates will flag HTTP website as non-secure

Posted on Jan 12, 2017.

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The next versions of major browsers Chrome and Firefox will flag any website with no SSL certificate installed as non-secure. The new releases Chrome 56 and Firefox 51 will be released this January.

A HTTP website is a website with no SSL certificate installed. HTTPS websites do have SSL installed. Web users will be most familiar with the trusted green padlock symbol present on e-commerce websites that represent a website has SSL installed. Additionally, the URL in the address bar will begin with HTTPS:// not HTTP:// these are the hallmarks of a website that takes advantage of this level of security.

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An SSL certificate signifies that a website is secured with SSL. This means that an encrypted link is established between the browser and the web server. After this connection is made all date passed is private.

Traditionally the inclusion of this security measure had only been expected of e-commerce websites that deal with sensitive data like credit card details. Occasionally other websites that deal with sensitive data have also installed SSL.

This follows a recent Chrome update that disabled Adobe Flash by default in its browser.

Google began its long-term plan of tagging all HTTP website as non-secure back in September last year by labelling any websites that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure. 

Google then decided to take this further as it noticed this security measure was not taken seriously and users still continued to use websites where its old HTTP notification was in place.

Firefox has also responded to Google's updated stance and included a measure to alert on non-secure websites in its beta versions which are soon to be part of it more public widespread release. Firefox will also flag any HTTP websites as non-secure.

The One Point Digital team recommend that all websites make use of SSL encryption. This will improve website security overall as well as help to develop trust from users who have positive associations with symbols of SSL. As well as this it will comply with modern Google web security standards that can impact SEO.

Call us today on 01482 420150 to learn how we can help you increase your website security with an SSL certificate.



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