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We attended the 2019 Humber Care Tech Challenge

Posted on Dec 18, 2019.

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For the 2nd year, The One Point has supported the annual Humber Care Tech Hackathon in aid of solving real-world problems with technology faced by patients with dementia and their careers.

This year our development and marketing teams worked with Navigo as we entered into this contest.

humber car tech challenge 2019

The event held at The Bridlington Spa and was sponsored by The One Point.

The Humber Care Tech Challenge Event was organised as a way to promote technological innovation by uniting healthcare professionals with developers and designers and anyone who had an idea for a technology-based service that could make a difference to how the NHS can care for people in their homes. 

Throughout the event, a team from Amazon Web Services, sponsoring the event,  were on hand to help teams make the best use of Amazon web services for their ideas.

Each team was even able to make use of an Echo Dot that they would be able to take home with them and put future ideas into practice.

When the 12 teams had finalised their entries they were scored by judges, and The One Point was chosen as one of the 5 most promising to showcase their idea on stage in a dragons den style presentation.

Marketing Executive Ruby Keable attending for the first time was involved with the planning of the features of the app said. “I really enjoyed taking part in the challenge, it was an invaluable experience and fantastic to see so many people coming together for the single goal of helping those who live with dementia”.

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