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What are the benefits of 5G - Infographic

Posted on Feb 06, 2019.

5G is the next generation of mobile networks.

With 4G, we could only connect one or two devices at a time and had to wait minutes for videos to load. Now with 5G, we can connect many devices at once and have near zero latency when playing video games online.

The future is here now! We are already seeing an increase in download speeds from 10-100 times faster than LTE (4g). This means that you will be able to stream your favorite shows without any hiccups whatsoever. It also lets you use more applications on your smartphone simultaneously like music streaming apps while gaming online with minimal lag time between actions.

5G is going to open up more possibilities than ever before meaning you can take oportunities to take your business in completly new directions. The dependebility of O2 5G is just the start of the power 5G has the potential to bring.

This new technology is opening up 5G opportunities accross the country and by working with One point you will have the bbenfirt of working with a trusted and award winning parter to deliver all the benefit of 5G to your business.

The benefits of 5G, outlined in the following infographic:

The Benefits of 5G Infographic blog post The One Point

O2 Awards Won by The One Point and related stories

Check out these awesome awards we have won too. Working with The One Point to deliver 5G services means working with an awards winning mult awards winning O2 Partner.

The One Point stacking up a collection of O2 awards:

The One Point win double O2 excellence awards Once again we win Customer and Digital Excellence awards TOP named 'O2 Developing Business Partner of the Year' - sub 10,000 customers O2 spoil the TOP team with day of rewards We are winners! O2 Customer & Digital Excellence Awards 2020 We win again! O2 Customer & Digital Excellence Awards Our TOP team rewarded with Michelin star virtual dinner party The One Point win O2 Partner of the Year award! O2's Developing Partner of the Year: The One Point

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