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Will the iPad Air 3 have support for the Apple Pencil

Posted on Feb 02, 2016.

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It’s well known now that the March ‘surprise’ event planned by Apple will mark the arrival of the new 4-inch iPhone. More recent leaks about the event have centred around Apple tablet family introducing the iPad Air 3.

Taking inspiration from iPad Pro the iPad Air 3 as well all performance upgrades it is expected to feature re-designed speakers and support for the Apple Pencil.


This will be the news that many iPad fans have been waiting for as while the iPad Pro may pack a powerful punch in performance, it's the increase in size has been off-putting to those users who are looking upgrade while still maintaining the ease of portability.

Further updates are expected to include the unveiling of the iPhone 5se supposedly squeezing in both an A9 and an M9 chip - great new for Siri users - as well as an update to the Apple Watch.

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