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Windows 10 Recent Updates

Posted on May 25, 2018.

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Microsoft have recently released a new set of updates for windows 10 with a number of important new features and services. The new features have a focus on promoting productivity and providing IT solutions which will help enhance efficiency on your PC and across other devices.  These updates include: 

Returning to past activities in your Timeline

The timeline allows you to scroll down through the last 30 days of past activity or to search to find a particular activity in your timeline in order to continue your recent activity instantly.

Switch seamlessly from your phone to PC

This allows you to browse the web, write an email or use an app on you android or iPhone, then continue on your PC instantly.

switch from your Phone to your PC

Stay focused with focus assist

This enables you to hide distractions while you work, this can be done by turning on focus assist which will send notifications directly to action center


This includes an improved voice support, within this there is a new dictation mode which allows you to talk instead of type. On top of that, you’ll be able to control a slew of smart devices in your home via voice.


Dictation, speak instead of type

Bring the Microsoft experience to your phone

You can now have the Microsoft experience on your phone which can be achieved through syncing your office documents, calendar and more with the new Microsoft launcher app 

Bring the Microsoft experience to your phone

Other new features include:

  • Adding emojis on your keyboard

  • Pin sites you use frequently

  • Faster updates

  • Cortana is more helpful

  • Privacy improvements


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