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What you need to know about Windows Defender ATP

Posted on May 28, 2018.

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Windows defender ATP helps to modernize your desktop and move you to windows 10, it is seen as an opportunity to rethink your endpoint security strategy and make your desktop more secure.

Windows defender is said to light up Microsoft 365 and enables conditional access to prevent risk to corporate data and increase your cyber security.

Windows defender ATP specification

Windows defender ATP includes:

  • Attack surface reduction, which helps to Resist attacks and exploitations. This is achieved by isolating access to untrusted sites and office files, exploiting mitigation, blocking traffic to low reputation destinations, protecting legacy apps and only allowing trusted apps can run.

  • Next generation protection, which helps to Protect your desktop against all types of emerging threats. Windows defender can protect your desktop from known malware, 0-day malware, file less attacks, ransomware, memory exploits, malicious websites, polymorphic threats and scams.

  • Endpoint detection and response which detects, investigates and responds to advanced attacks.

  • Automated investigation and remediation. From alert to remediation in minutes at scale. This includes AI based automatic investigation of alerts and automatic remediation actions. This can help to reduce the load of the security operations team as it is able to respond and resolve breaches quicker.

  • Security posture, which helps to understand and improve your organisation security posture. This is achieved through assessing your security’s state, identify unprotected systems, find the root cause policy and configuration issues and then recommend possible solutions for improvements.

  • Advanced hunting, which includes doing Advanced search across all cyber data and entities.

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