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Work without boundaries with O2

Posted on Dec 18, 2020.

Are you looking for a way to increase productivity in your business without sacrificing your team's sense of well being?

Outdated technology is putting up boundaries for businesses that value providing a better balance for their teams.

O2 launches 5G, transforming the future of business

Keep reading to discover why a better approach to business technology can help you achieve the harmony needed to thrive in the modern business landscape.

What has changed?

Work gets done in a way that has changed drastically over the last few years. Flexible working is a symptom of effective digital trasformation now a necessity for any business to keep itself competitive.

Furthermore, your top talent are already driven to be their best and expect the right technology to be in place to do so enabeling loyalty and engagement in these key team members.

Implement flexible working successfully into your business by starting with an excellent mobile strategy in place. One that will keep its workers efficient and connected but also happy.

A SMART mobile stratergy is great for business

Businesses accross the UK have been discovering the benefits of remote working and businesses are more capable than ever to empower team members to be productive and successful all while boosting their own business profits.

The work from home revolution is all about working smarter. Of course there will always be times when it makes the most sense to be in the office but likewise, when it does not, employees appreciate the trust. And ability to balance out their own personal needs while producing the best work they are capable of.

Smarter working cuts down on unproductive time simply by giving people quicker access to information, expertise and support. Whether they are in the office or not.

What makes a differeance to how achievable this is how well a business has implemented a mobile working stratergy. One that is secure, efficient and inexpensive.

Smarter working leads to more productive employees

The ability to work anytime and anywhere has many benefits for an employee's productivity. Figures from a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit show that Employees:

  • Are more productive and more satisfied when working dynamically from any time or location.
  • Feel best when they are empowered to access essential information quickly and easily.
  • Feel free to get on with what matters.
  • Have experience increased concentration on their work.
  • Feel they can work effectively with their co-workers.

How can The One Point, partnered with O2, help your business?

Roadworks, train strikes, bad weather. Whatever it is that prevents your employees from getting into the office; it doesn't matter. With a great mobile strategy in place, your employees can still collaborate. And with all the other benefits of being part of a mobile-ready workforce, why wouldn't they?

We understand your team need to keep on top of sales, essential calls, and crucial deadlines.

So we're here to make sure they can:

  • Work anytime, anywhere with solutions like Microsoft 365 and Just Call Me. No need to travel to meetings; they can bring their office to them, wherever they are.

  • Synchronise business across different devices with cloud and mobile technology.

  • Get up to date information - sometimes email alone is not enough. Cloud-based solutions will help them access the latest versions of documents for everyone with whom they are working.

  • Stay in touch - even without a great signal on a mobile or a tablet; they can stay in the loop using wifi or 5G calls.

  • Keep their documents and sensitive but essential business data safe and secure whether they are on the move or in the office.

What next?

Are you ready to change your team working lives for the better? See an increase in employee engagement and their willingness to go the extra mile. See a decrease in unscheduled absences and excessive workplace stress.

Contact us for more information and get expert guidance on introducing digital transformation with a modern mobile strategy.

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