Prince Completes WK1 of FEO Work Experience Scheme.

Prince Completes WK1 of FEO Work Experience Scheme

10th Jul 2015

This week we have been very pleased to have welcomed Prince Gandifere from Archbishop  Sentamu Academy into The One Point on work experience, but not a ‘work experience’ like any other.  Prince has engaged with our MD Martin Lauer on a ‘For Entrepreneurs Only’ inspired educational scheme.

The FEO Inspired scheme takes a budding entrepreneur and matches them up with a willing business owner, and instead of completing more junior tasks as part of the work experience, they get to work one-on-one with the owner, shadowing them through every journey and meeting throughout the week.

Prince said “I have found the week to be inspirational and having met so many different characters, customers and staff. It has made me want to work even harder at school to achieve my full potential and maybe get my trainer business idea off the ground.”

The One Point are an active member of For Entrepreneurs Only and accept one candidate through this scheme annually.  For more information on FEO visit

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