We announce our latest Values Ambassadors for 2019.

We announce our latest Values Ambassadors for 2019

9th May 2019

We are very pleased to announce our two new recent Values Ambassadors In recognition of their commitment to maintaining the core values of The One Point.

Bryn Abbott - Trusted IT & MDM Specialist

David Carr - Principle Software Architect


The One Point Values

We Are Helpful |  We Are Responsive | We Are Trusted


Bryn Abbott - Trusted IT & MDM Specialist

Bryn Abbott Values Ambassador

Bryn joined The One Point in 2015, in this time Bryn has used his wealth of knowledge obtained with a 20-year background in IT to provide support and assistance to our customer to get the best from our IT & MDM products and services. Most recently Bryn has also taken on the role of our Data Officer helping us to comply with standards such as the ISO 27001 Information security management system.


David Carr - Principle Software Architect

David Carr Values Ambassador

David Joined The One Point team in 2009 and in this time he had taken on the role of developing and leading The One Point Digital Team as well as being the lead developer on our CRM & ERP products. David has taken an active role in the local development community such as talking at meetups and teaching Code Club and has also recently become the author of Packt Published PHP Programming Book. Also, David writes development tutorials on his blog.

Since joining The One Point both David and Bryn have continuously maintained the highest level of standards The One Point strives to meet.

Congratulations Bryn and David, we’re all very proud of your achievements.

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