O2 win uSwitch Best Network Coverage award for two years in a row.

O2 win uSwitch Best Network Coverage award for two years in a row

20 October 2017

uSwitch o2 win mobile awards

Last week at the uSwitch Mobile Awards, O2 won the award for Best Network Coverage, voted by more than 5,000 consumers and a judging panel journalists. 

Winning Best Network Coverage is a brilliant achievement and proves that our continued investment of our five-year £3bn plus network modernisation program (to upgrade 2G and 3G networks as well as the roll out 4G) is achieving a positive response from customers.

4G coverage is gaining momentum in both urban and rural locations, as it is now available to our customers in over 5,300 towns, cities and villages across the UK.
Martin Lauer, Managing Director of The One Point, commented; “Working so closely with our customers we know that it is network reliability that counts to their users and organisations.  Our customers want reliable Voice & Data everywhere – not just the fastest speeds in one postcode and nothing in the next – this award has now been won 2 years in a row and coming from such a well-respected and independent organisation this is great news.  The One Point place our customers at the centre of the O2 experience via the O2 My Network App, monthly reviews and exception 4G data plans.”
The One Point were recognised by O2 in 2015 for Excellence in Customer Service and Digital Expertise.

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