Number porting FAQ, your questions answered.

23rd Jun 2020

Investing in a new phone system for your business can mean exciting changes are ahead but we also know it can be a headache when number porting, thats why we have created this handy PDF guide to help answer your number porting FAQ’s.

Our guide can answer questions such as “What types of number ports are there?” and “How long does number porting take?” Also learn the information you as the customer will need to provide us with to initiate number porting.

Our expert team can help with different porting types like “single line” porting or “multi line” they can also help port NGN, DDI and international numbers.
Click on the image below to see the PDF and learn more information on number porting or call a member of our team toady for further support.

Number Porting And What You Need To Know About It

porting faq

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