FEO Step Change programme kicks off with talk by Martin Lauer.

FEO Step Change programme kicks off with talk by Martin Lauer

26th Jan 2018

Step Change For Growth has kicked off for another 6-month programme. In our event space, at The View, we hosted the first of 6 interactive half-day sessions with our MD Martin Lauer sharing insights to a small group of entrepreneurs on how to grow businesses and employ more people.

The programme organised by 'For Entrepreneurs Only' was developed based on a belief that entrepreneurs learn the most from each other and so a peer-to-peer model is most effective.

Having successfully been through the step change programme himself and having seen the benefits Martin took the opportunity to “pay it forward” by inspiring others to succeed.

Martin said, "Step-change has had a profound impact on our growth over past 3 - 4 years. It was a pleasure to be hosting Step Change and sharing principles of what we learned on this great course and as a business to be helping other businesses achieve their growth target and financial aspirations."

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