Celebrating our 15 year Birthday.

12th May 2020

Celebrating our 15 year Birthday!

In 2003 The One Point journey begins. Our managing Director Martin Lauer sells his first Mobile Phone. A Motorola A835. 

first phone sold   martin wins award

Two years later on May 12th 2005, we become The Mobile Point as a limited entity and later rebrand ourselves in 2012/2013 as The One Point to better describe ourselves as The Single Point of Contact for Managed Technology that we are today.

our team

our tech team  our sales team

our team

It’s been an amazing journey shared with a fantastic team of high achievers - both in work and in their own lives.

Looking back we are very proud of our accomplishments over the past 15 years.  

We have received recognition for the work we have done with our list of awards and accreditations.

We have made a positive impact on our community with the establishment of The One Point Foundation.

We have helped many businesses, charities and public sector organisations embrace technology and achieve their goals for digital transformation.

We have also stopped to celebrate as a team and make great memories.

And it’s a journey that wouldn’t have quite been the same without the fantastic customers and partners we have met along the way. 

Happy 15th Birthday to The One Point!


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