LIVE TV Success For The One Point .

LIVE TV Success For The One Point

23rd Jan 2012

This weekend saw The One Point deliver a Live Match Day experience for fans of Hull FC around the globe.  This delivery, just off the back of the highly successful Fans Forum last week where fans from 4 continents logged on, is just the start of a longer relationship between the club and The One Point for 2012.  The One Point are working exclusively with Hull FC to deliver HullFC.TV Live - a service that beams the live KC Stadium action around the world.

James Clark, Head of Communications, Media and Marketing for Hull FC said; "We are really proud to be working so closely with The One Point again this year.  This is the first of many new services being delivered to the club by The One Point. "

Andy Corbett, Media Manager of The One Point said "We were at pitch side filming the Pre, Mid and Post Match footage and editing it on the fly.  The outcome was a 'TV-ready' streaming service accessed anywhere on the globe.  Alot of testing has gone on pre-season to make it all happen - we are really pleased with the outcome."

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