Members of our ICT team are now UEWA certified.

Members of our ICT team are now UEWA certified

25th Jan 2019

Our ICT Field Engineering Lead, Ashley Dent, and our ICT Helpdesk Analyst, Lewis Cook, are now both 'Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin' (UEWA) certified.

Ashley and Lewis both travelled down to Essex Country Cricket Club, in Chelmsford, for an extremely difficult 2 day course.

The course consisted of the following:

- Wifi fundamentals (EM and wireless concepts, connections, methods, best practice etc).

- Network and device management (Specifically focussing on UniFi products).

- WLAN planning (Cell size, coverage, density, airtime, client quantities etc).

- Deployment (Device placement and identification, channel re-use, site surveys etc).

- Controller based management (Device adoption, management, configuration etc).

- Analytics (Controller and device statistics, client control, logging etc).

- Advanced management (Cloud management, CLI management of devices etc).

- Guest control (Portal, Authentication, voucher systems, payment integration etc).

65% is required to pass the course and the worldwide average pass result is 72%, both Ashley and Lewis surpassed this average with flying colours. Ashley received a fantastic score of 82% and Lewis received a fantastic score of 74%.

Well done to you both for you hard work and achievements!

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