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Get more value from business Mobile Broadband data bundles

Posted on May 20, 2020.

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Get more value with Mobile Broadband data bundles.

O2 have recently refreshed their Mobile Broadband tariffs to offer better value for customers with bigger data bundles.

With Mobile Broadband customers will have coverage whether they’re using a dongle, tablet or Mifi unit.  This may be especially beneficial in times with greater demand on remote and mobile workers when no access to WiFi is available or the performance of 4G is greater than the available WiFi.

The new refreshed Mobile Broadband tariffs offered by O2 will help customers have peace of mind that they can control their costs and more choices to meet the needs of their business wherever they are.

Main features of O2 Mobile Broadband refresh

    • Increased data allowances
    • 5G Access available on tariffs from 8GB and above

Talk to a member of our team today about improving the value of your Mobile Broadband.

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