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Havelock Academy students get lessons on how to get the best mobile deals!

Posted on Nov 15, 2011.

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The One Point's MD Martin Lauer has today gone back to school to give vital finance lessons to over 300 students at the Grimsby Havelock Academy as part of their Finance Day.

Martin will be giving tips and advice about 'How to win when choosing a mobile phone, choosing a network and how to keep your bills down'.

Martin said: "This is the second year The One Point have been involved - it is really rewarding - people just do not understand how the mobile networks think and operate  - we lift the lid and in doing so really help people and students avoid the traps."

"We are committed to our educational community  plan - this is just part of it."

The One Point also awarded Havelock Academy  students prizes for achievements earlier this year.

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