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The iPhone turns 10 today see how the device has evolved

Posted on Jun 29, 2017.

Ten years ago today the iPhone hit the stores for the first time.The iPhone was exclusive to O2 when it first came out in the UK! The iPhone quickly became known as a device that looked and functioned like nothing else available at the time, the new gold standard for phone developers. See how this device has evolved since from the first release to today's current iPhone 7 model.

The device had a full colour, multi-touch screen right from the start. A feature that would come to define what is expected from a smartphone. Much had changed from this early truly innovative model but features such as pinch-to-zoom to inertial scrolling on lists are still part of the basic interface that can be seen today.

iphone happy 10th birthday

The iPhone has certainly evolved over the past decade from a device that shipped with just 15 native apps. it's now difficult to imagine to imagine life without the iPhone similarly powerful competitor smartphone.

The current model, the iPhone 7 is the latest device to be released. The iPhone 8 is expected to be released this autumn. it is not yet known what features will be included however several rumours and leaks look like it will be a promising addition. 

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