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O2's Developing Partner of the Year: The One Point

Posted on Jun 14, 2021.

"The One Point have proved to be an outstanding O2 Partner once again this year, and we are delighted to announce them as worthy winners of O2's Developing Partner of the Year for the third year running." - O2 Business

We are delighted to be named O2's Developing Partner of the Year for the third year running!

O2 interviewed our very own Martin Lauer, Founder & CEO of The One Point, shortly after the award was announced...

Tell us a little about The One Point:

So, The One Point is a managed service provider, offering a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for IT, telecoms, mobile and digital services. With us, you can outsource all of your managed technology, as well as your IT Department, to us as a single supplier, under one roof. We are like a supermarket of business and managed technology.

How have you had to pivot your business to survive & thrive in 2020?

We've had a really, really good year. We do a lot in the healthcare and logistics space, and so the last year has been about solidifying those relationships as they have really needed us.

On top of this, all of our customers have inevitably needed extra support alongside the provision of safe, secure and speedy mobile and home connectivity, VPNs and security solutions, and we've been able to deliver them in a compliant and expidient way. We have also been recognised for our Covid response to the NHS, Care Homes and the Citizens Advice Bureau too - all services that have been under huge pressure.

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The One Point stacking up a collection of O2 awards:

What does it mean for your business to be part of the O2 Partner network?

The relationship with O2 is stronger than it has ever been. It's going to be interesting to see what happens as a result of the joint venture with Virgin, but as both organisations, like The One Point, are so customer focused, I am excited by what it could achieve.

Given The One Point's breadth of offering, I am confident that we will continue to be a key, strategic partner for O2.

How does it feel to be crowned O2's Developing Partner of the Year?

It means a huge amount. I think it's the third time we have won this O2 award, and in all that time we haven't missed a single O2 performance KPI, in terms of customer churn, customer acquisition, blend of products, or customer satisfaction. Not one.

It has been great to work with O2 as a partner, especially this year. O2 were extremely flexible as the impact of the pandemic started to hit businesses, even installing a new mast to support the connectivity for a number of our customers.

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O2 are winning plenty of awards of their own:

What are you most excited about that the future will bring?

So at one level, I think we are well positioned for whatever the next few years bring. We're called The One Point for a good reason - you can outsource all of your managed technology to a single, credible and trusted supplier - we're a Double Gold Microsoft supplier, O2 Direct Partner, that is ISO certified and Ofcom regulated.

More than that, I think the pandemic has taught every business that we need to be agile, and we need things to work whenever and wherever we are. I think that the days of a company employing one IT person, or putting together a small team responsible for IT are gone, and boards will look to introduce changes that will ensure that they are better prepared for the next significant business interruption, whatever and whenever that may be, So I think that represents a fantastic opportunity for us.

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