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Overcome these 4 key mobile workforce challenges with VoIP systems

Posted on Mar 10, 2021.

As the needs of your workforce and customers change, many business owners may wonder how to solve problems arising from managing teams now working from home or having to become more mobile.

You may be wondering how your customers can still contact your business and reach your team, how your home workers can retain their contacts to customers and employees, how you can still be available anywhere anytime. All while maintaining a professional and organised appearance that protects your vital business data.

What's more, workers have become accustomed to working with video conferencing technologies such as Microsoft Teams.

A solution to help you overcome these challenges is  The One Network - a secure hosted VoIP service so you can unify all your office, homeworkers and mobile users into one network solution. You can truly unite all of your telephone devices and numbers to one ISO 27001 accredited solution.

Best yet, The One Network offers excellent integration options with Microsoft Teams - you might say, 'It just works.

Work From Anywhere

The One Network enables you to pick a business number that will ring in more than one location and on numerous devices simultaneously, such as at your office, on your mobile and even at home – making sure you never miss a communication.

All this at no extra cost, with our revolutionary Network you can call mobiles on a local rate number – and call the office from all mobiles on your Network completely free.

Be available

All hunt groups and call divert continue in the same way as they would within the office.

Stay connected

See your entire phonebook on your mobile so you can access all saved contacts and co-workers.

If Microsoft Teams is not the option for you, try from the range of Webex business applications to help your team be productive.

Keep up appearances

Ensure your business number is displayed on phone calls, so your staff can keep their mobile number private.

A further positive to switching to VoIP systems is to get ahead before the upcoming ISDN switch off. The gradual process of switching off the traditional technologies has begun meaning it was already the right time to get ahead and make the switch.

What next?

What other barriers does your business face?

Chat to our team; we have expertise across all kinds of sectors and businesses types and will find you a solution that will support your businesses changing needs.

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