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Stay focused in Microsoft Teams productivity

Posted on Aug 12, 2020.

Are you looking to learn how to get the most out of Teams. 

We’re sharing our favourite tips that will help build teams into your working day in a way that will.

  • Increase your focus time.

  • help you collaborate better with others.

  • feel more organized.

  • have fun.

Increasing your Focus in Microsoft Teams

Go beyond the basics of using Inbuilt functionality that allows Microsoft teams users to quieten notifications using the Do Not Disturb mode

Which can be activated by typing in in “/dnd” (do not disturb) in the search box. Or switch off /dnd, type in the command “/available.”  

/dnd switches do not disturb on

/available switches do not disturb on

To really get the most teams to increase your focus it is easier to simply bypass content that would stop you getting. Distracted in the first place and this is best done through navigation.

Start by bookmarking you content to speedily find messages and attachments you were saving for later. 

Bookmark an item by clicking on the bookmark icon in a chat and type in “/saved” to see saved bookmarks.


Similarly to see all content when you have been mentioned allowing you to hone in on your personal to do’s. You can find your @mentions by clicking on the filter Activity section then locating the filter button and choosing @mentions

Activity > Filter > mentions

In this article, we have looked at several commands to activate inbuilt Microsoft Teams functionality. Find more commands by typing in “/“ in the search bar to bring up a full list of options.

Not tried teams yet, try it out as part of a Free Microsoft 365 Trial.

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