South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College new website goes live.

South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College new website goes live

8th Jun 2011

We're really pleased to have launched South Hunslesy's new website we feel the website is a step in the right direction. The website merges both the School and the Sixth Form information for students and parents alike.

South Hunsley really wanted to have more interactions going on in their website as a result we have built in the facility to let potential Sixth Form students be able to apply online, save their progress and update their submitted information for South Hunsley's staff to be able to have direct access to.

Parents can subscribe to mailing lists they are interested in, this helps to keep informed of information from a certain year or multiple years or even general updates.

We've closy linked aspects of the website into South Hunsley's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and also their calendar enabling upcoming events to be seen at glance.

Overall we very excited with the new website this is phase one of an on-going project the next phases include the redesign and integration of South Hunsley Conference Centre and South Hunsley Sport Centre in the coming months.



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