The One Point MD to go behind bars! Can you help him back out?.

The One Point MD to go behind bars! Can you help him back out?

16th Sep 2010

Martin, alongside other business leaders and owners, will be put before a trial at the Guildhall next Wednesday where they will face the music and find out their jail term and bail conditions.

You will be able to help Martin out of HM Hull prison by making donations. Only once the bail has been met will Martin be released. So come on let's pull together and get him out! Oh alright, that wasn't a very good pitch - help us raise money for these 2 very worthy Hull charities(Down Right Special and House of Light) - but unfortunately Martin will have to come out regardless - sorry!

Details on how to pledge your support will be released shortly - watch this space! For more information log on

The KCFM Smile Foundation are The One Point's appointed charity for 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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