The One Point meets ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Standards.

4th Apr 2019

At The One Point we are proud to be meeting ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Standards.

Our Microsoft Accredited Services, One Cloud Off-site Data Back Up, One Network Hosted Telecommunications and Mobile Device Management services all meet the high ISO 27001 Data Security Standards.

We place a high value on the data trusted to us by our customers. As we continue to meet the highest recognised standards we will keep your data and services completely secure.

Reasons our ISO 27001 is a standard that can give you complete peace of mind:

Our information security standards meet a global benchmark to help us guard your business against potentially devastating data losses. 

Reduce your risk of fines or prosecution under GDPR.

Systems are in place to protect your information and assets and to minimise disruption to your business.

Continuous monitoring of the systems and the measures put in place to control information security threats, weaknesses and risks.




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