The One Point scoop Digital Excellence and Customer Excellence Awards.

The One Point scoop Digital Excellence and Customer Excellence Awards

3rd Aug 2015

The One Point have scooped both O2 Awards for Digital Excellence and Customer Excellence in the first of O2’s Direct Partners Excellence Awards.

The new O2 Direct Partner Excellence Awards see The One Point again on the National stage for getting the job done right.  

The new awards are indicative of O2's new approach as they reward a partner's overall capability to provide 'world-class' customer support and high level of digital knowledge and expertise, instead of grouping them by their scale and size alone.

Martin Lauer, Managing Director of The One Point said, “We have a very dedicated team here at The One Point.  It is fantastic that we have been recognised for delivering customer service excellence again.  Caring about our customers is central to everything we do here, we live and breathe service, but sometimes this can become undervalued in a commoditised technology world.  It is great that our customers have spoken up for us in this way.”  He went on to say’ “I would like to congratulate the entire team here for their continued excellent work.  We will be celebrating this award.”

O2 Business head of partners Jason Phillips added: “Partners are now recognised not by their scale and size alone but also by their ability to focus relentlessly on the customer and be capable of diversification. Partners are now rewarded on customer experience, churn, value and digital product adoption – real recognition that the market has changed.”

The One Point are an Exclusive O2 Direct Partner with a 5 year contract to deliver Business Services in the UK.

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