We have the X-Factor!.

We have the X-Factor!

30th Mar 2010

No, The One Point haven't entered the hit ITV Show but instead helped out talented youngsters at Sidmouth Primary School in their bid to 'make £5 blossom'.

The One Point have partnered with Hull's Global Entrepreneurship Week by sponsoring the SID-FACTOR project hosted by the children of Sidmouth Primary. TOP were approached by Shurin Zandi from KCOM to help with the project by filming and producing DVDs of their memorable show which, through their sales skills, helped increase the revenue generated from the project.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week helps youngsters in the local region to develop their business skills by providing them with a business investment to turn around a profit through an enterprise project. The children of Sidmouth Primary invested their money into an X-Factor style show hosted and performed by the children. Revenue was generated through ticket and food sales with extra revenue generated through TOP's donation of studio time and DVD production.


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