Microsoft plans to redesign Windows 10 Start Menu.

2nd Aug 2019

Microsoft has been prompted to survey its Windows 10 'Start menu', as it is one of Windows' most monitored part of the operating system's UI (User-Interface).

They want to know people's opinions on the current 'Start menu', which could mean a redesign is on the cards.

A pop-up notification is asking testers: "How satisfied are you with the current start menu?"

According to The Verge, they have already discovered a leaked test version of the operating system, known as 'Build 18947'.

Microsoft Windows 10 Redesign leaked The One Point blog post

This was accidentally distributed to testers part of the Windows Insider program, but was actually only intended for internal staff working on Xbox development.

The leaked design is clearly a lot more simple and stripped-back compared to the current Windows 10 operating system design.

It seems as though Microsoft are also considering ditching the Windows 10 Live Tiles - controversial part of the current design, originally introduced to make UI better for tablet and smartphone users.

Sources are saying that it's change to a more minimalist design could be to rival Google's ChromeOS, but keep in mind that there has not been an official announcement of a Windows 10 redesign from Microsoft, so we may be waiting a while until we see the real thing.

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