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25th Mar 2020

Worldwide demand for Microsoft Teams has grown rapidly in the past week, with a growth of 44 Million active users. A result of home workers needing to find new ways to communicate with their co-workers due to COVID-19.

Health and Education sectors have shown adoption too with recent use cases including doctors consulting with patients via Teams, and teachers using the app to connect with students as schools close in many countries.

Key benefits of Teams

* One centralised hub
* Integration with Office 365
* Customise Teams through APIs and bot frameworks
* Enterprise security & compliance
* Active Directory integration with Azure
* No extra cost to Office 365 users

Teams was launched in 2017 and has become Microsoft’s core communication tool, replacing Skype for Business Online and incorporating features such as background blur - especially welcomed by those who were not expecting such a sudden switch from the office meaning the experience is easier to adopt.

Help your team adopt Teams fast...

Here are three resources to help your team adapt to using teams.

Learn fundamentals with this Microsoft Teams Quickstart guide

Learn how to use the meetings and calls functionality of Teams 

Learn how to use video in Microsoft Teams, e.g. live events, 


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