Hull Code Club meet up encouraging developers to inspire the next generation of programmers.

Hull Code Club meet up encouraging developers to inspire the next generation of programmers

15th Oct 2015

Last night we were excited to be attending a Code Club meet up over in Hull's C4DI building. The meeting was a chance for those currently running or considering running a Code Club to get together and discuss ways to get young people excited about code. The meeting was facilitated by coordinator for Yorkshire & Humber Linda Broughton (@lindabroughton) who discovered just how far a modest budget for brownies and sandwiches can go in Hull.

During the meet up the attending group discussed topics like starting your own club, creative ways to explain code to young learners and how the club can help learners develop problem solving skills. We also discussed broader topics like the quality of programming education is schools and collages and closing the gender balance in programming.

Six months have past since David Carr, our lead developer, set up his code club in a local primary school teaching children aged 9 - 11 to code using Scratch, a program designed to introduce programming in a fun way.

With his own club now in full swing David discovered last night how he can take this to the next level by involving new volunteers, giving them a chance to experience the fun first hand before starting their own club. He’s even considering putting his club forward as a star club for the local area.

The meet up was an inspiring session, what’s more it was great to meet like minded people who are motivated to raising the education of the next generation of programmers in the local area.

@C4Dihull Summed the night up perfectly!

Brownies, brains and serious talent, awesome to have you guys in the office tonight @CodeClubYandH #tech #hull

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